What we do

We offer logistics services both internationally and domestically, to starting businesses and already established ones with a goal to deliver and ease shipping difficulties from one point to another, mainly from China to your destination. Our distribution methods aim to provide a worry-free atmosphere, from transportation management to warehousing and, our comprehensive suite of services ensure efficiency and cost-effective solutions at every stage of the supply chain.

Sea Freight

Looking to transport your goods across international waters? Look no further! Our freight services channel from coast to coast at an affordable rate. Receive your goods in due time and experience our Reliable and Cost-Effective Sea Freight Service!

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Land Freight

When it comes to delivering goods by road. Our team ables every cargo and package ordered is in one piece after custom clearance at the port, we also extend our services by delivering cargo to your door step.

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Door to door

Air Freight

Fly Your Cargo with Speed and Precision – Choose Our Air Freight Services! Goods able to be delivered within 7-14 days. When time is of the essence, our air freight services deliver your cargo with unrivaled speed and precision. Experience the advantages of air transport by never running out of stock for your business.

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Ware Housing

Secure and Efficient Warehousing Solutions for Your Cargo! When it comes to storing your valuable goods, trust our warehousing services to provide secure, monitored and efficient warehousing in both China and Zambia. We offer state-of-the-art facilities and expert management, ensuring the safety and accessibility of your cargo.

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Product Sourcing

Are you looking for high-quality products at competitive prices? Look no further! Experience the Power of our Global Product Sourcing team both in China and Zambia that is able to connect you with trusted suppliers, factories and manufactures. Diversify your business economics by increasing revenue, through our product sourcing structure, which is time consuming and allows you to reach your business goal quicker.

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Cargo Tracking

Stay in Control with Real-Time Cargo Tracking! Don't let the uncertainty of your cargo's whereabouts keep you up at night. With our advanced cargo tracking services, you can stay informed and maintain full visibility of your shipments at all times. Our team sends frequent updates by text or email about cargo destination.

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Customs Clearance

Try our Customs Clearance Solution services for Seamless International exports and imports. Our team works hard to make the difficultly in clearance effortlessly and as smooth as possible.Navigating the complex world of customs clearance doesn't have to be a challenge. Trust our expert customs clearance services to streamline your international trade operations and ensure smooth and compliant customs proceedings.

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Payment to Supplier

Simplify Your Supplier Payments with our Streamlined process!

Managing supplier payments can be time-consuming and complex. With our streamlined supplier payment process, you can simplify and accelerate your payment transactions, ensuring timely and efficient financial operations.

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